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English Proofreading can help you improve the accuracy of your written English in academic documents of all kinds. Choose our specialist Academic Proofreading Service for your thesis or dissertation, and be assured of a fast, accurate and confidential service.

Are you an international student submitting your work in English and not totally confident of your written English? There is no need to risk handing in work which may make a worse impression than your academic ability deserves.

Are you happy with the content of your essay, thesis or dissertation, but just want to be reassured that the English language is as good as it can be? Then our Academic Proofreading service may not cost as much as you think.

Please see the Home Page for details of the different levels of service we offer: Academic Proofreading or Academic Editing are both available, depending on your needs.

Through our easy-to-use website, you will be able to obtain a quote quickly, and assess freely whether our Academic Proofreading Service will be of real value to you.

Our Academic Proofreading also covers your - Application forms, UCAS Personal Statements, Articles, Powerpoint presentations

We have experience in helping students to improve their applications, and we will advise on Personal Statements for UCAS.

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