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English Proofreading offers a tailor-made copy editing and proofreading service to individuals and authors of all kinds of documents.

We can provide an copy editing service for anyone who needs to be sure that the book or document they have written is as accurate and well-crafted as possible.

If you have written a family history, or a story which you intend to publish, and you want to be confident that your style is of the same standard as your research or creativity, then our copy editing service could be for you.

Of course, proofreading is included in the process of our copy editing service; but if your style is already good and you just need a check on the accuracy of your grammar, spelling and punctuation, then we will advise you that you only need our cheaper proofreading service.

Through our easy-to-use website you will be able quickly to obtain advice and a quotation for the copy editing service or proofreading service you require, free of charge.

You can send documents to English Proofreading, for the copy editing service, by e-mail or post. If you want English Proofreading's copy editing service to check the language on your existing website, you just e-mail us the website address.

English Proofreading will check for you - Personal websites, Family histories, Stories, Dating profiles, Letters, Application forms, Articles.

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