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The Personal Statement on your UCAS form is the key tool in obtaining the offer you want from your first-choice university.

This is because, with so many students now getting high grades at A2, universities have to rely on GCSE grades, the school or college reference, and the UCAS Personal Statement, to discriminate between applicants.

The only one of these which you can do anything about at this stage is your UCAS Personal Statement! Therefore it is vital that you get this word picture of yourself exactly right.

If you are a mature student, an international student, or a UK student whose school or 6th form college does not offer the help you feel you need, then our experts are available online to support you.

How It Works - Some other companies will offer you sample UCAS Personal Statements for you to use as patterns: this is no good, because your Personal Statement has to be unique to you.

We will work with you, through e-mail, to improve the structure, wording and accuracy of your own individual Personal Statement. We will show you how to add that special ingredient to make the university admissions tutor recognise your true potential.

You write your draft UCAS Personal Statement first in Word, and e-mail it to us.

We will not encourage you to falsify information about yourself: if we recognise that your application is not realistic for the course or institution you are applying for, we will advise you that we cannot help you, and we will not charge you.

However, if we see that we can help you, we will quote you a price for advice, re-writing and proofreading. You can be confident, because if we take up your case, we will guarantee to charge you no more than GB £50, or approximately US $80.

YOU RETAIN COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THE FINISHED STATEMENT. This is a confidential service: your school or college will not know we have helped you.

We Know What We Are Doing ! - All our adviser / editors have long and recent experience in a Sixth Form college, helping students to complete their UCAS applications and Personal Statements. They have also been responsible for writing the references of very many students who have successfully entered their first choice university.

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