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Your website, found through a search engine, is often the first contact potential customers have with your business.

But how confident are you that the language on your website is really presenting the image you desire? A website check for language will avoid visitors being put off by spelling and grammar mistakes, or typos, increasing the conversion rate of your site.

Our comprehensive website check will enable you to give a professional impression, and could help improve your search engine position.

Of course, you do a spelling and grammar check of your website text, using word processor tools, but they cannot spot words spelt correctly but inaccurately used, nor can they help with style, or English idiom.

Our website check, by experienced experts, will also find subtle errors in sentence structure and the use of semi-colons or apostrophes: something no dictionary can do for you.

Through our easy-to-use website, you will be able to obtain a quote quickly, and assess freely whether our website check will be of real value to you.

We offer two levels of website check service:

Basic proofreading service: a relatively cheap process that ensures all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (including in punctuation and capital letters) are removed.

Copyediting service: a more detailed re-writing of your website, improving accuracy and clarity, and suggesting improvements in organisation and style.

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